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UPVC Guttering

UPVC Guttering UPVC Guttering

UPVC Guttering is a cheap, lightweight solution to your home guttering needs. It is fairly durable, and comes in a range of styles and finishes. This guttering is very quickly installed but some styles may have a limited lifespan.

Seamless Aluminium Guttering

Seamless Aluminium Guttering Seamless Aluminium Guttering

Seamless Aluminium Guttering is lightweight, extremely effective and will last a lifetime if fitted and installed properly. This is one of the most popular guttering style today. As you can see from the photos above, Seamless Aluminium Guttering is also an attractive solution.

There is a guarantee with all of our products.

Cast aluminium guttering

Cast aluminium guttering Cast aluminium guttering

Cast aluminium guttering has become the widely accepted alternative to Cast Iron. It is chosen for being lightweight, corrosion resistant, low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing. The half round gutters are available in a variety of profiles and sizes.

Valley Gutter Lining

Valley Gutter Lining Valley Gutter Lining

    This product is Economical and Efficient and the only system guaranteed to STOP GUTTERS LEAKING

  • *Custom-made for every project
  • *Supplied on a seamless roll
  • *Unaffected by building movement
  • *Easy and straight forward to fit
  • *No internal disturbance
  • *Long-lasting and effective
  • This gutter is a fully approved lining system chosen by roofing contractors, architects, Developers, local authorities, plus public and private property owners.

    The gutter liner can be used on any type of gutter no matter how long or wide it might be. This rubberised plygene liner is incredibly strong so it will not crack or split, yet because It is also pliable it can be used with all profiles of gutter.

    Gutter liner is the only system of its type to be fully approved by the BBA and when fitted properly it is GUARANTEED WATERPROOF It has been used on the widest possible variety of buildings ranging from commercial Buildings , factories, supermarkets, hospitals, farm buildings and many more.

Dry Verge System

Dry Verge System Dry Verge System

With the adverse weather battering us every year and a growing Realisation of the unreliability of using mortar to secure vulnerable Areas of the roof such as the verge . Our company can now offer.


Which has been designed to provide an extremely cost-effective alternative that avoids all the long-term maintenance problems and costs associated with mortar bedding. All gable ends have a weak point between the tiles and the top of the wall. This is called the verge and it has conventionally been mortared. These mortared verges Are now becoming obsolete because they pose 2 long term problems.

a) As mortar is a porous material and subject to expansion through freeze/thaw action, mortared verges deteriorate and crack, and require regular maintenance.

b) The pieces of timber that tiles fix onto have their ends located in this mortar. With the mortar being regularly damp these timber lath ends nearly always become rotten.

The answer to the problem is to invest in having our Fast fit dry verge system installed, Which principally involves specialist UPVC caps being fitted around the edge tile securing the tiles to the roof whilst preventing wind uplift and Providing a waterproof seal to this vul- nerable part of the roof. The system is extremely fast and easy to fit and because the process is mechanical, bad weather isn’t a problem– fitting can take place even in wet or frosty con- ditions and once fitted the system is extremely secure. If fitted correctly, this will give you an attractive finish which will need no further maintenance and delivers significant benefits to you the customer.

UPVC fascia and soffit board

UPVC fascia and soffit board UPVC fascia and soffit board

Our UPVC fascia and soffit board are durable and extremely tough. They require no painting and are literally maintenance free once they are fitted. This makes them a much more cost effective option than traditional timber. They are available in a variety of styles and colours.